Josh T. Ryan


Josh is a critically acclaimed performance artist, actor, and director for hire. Last seen as Biff, in Death Of Salesman. Some notable professional roles include: Porolles, in “All’s Well That Ends Well”. Gratiano, in “Merchant of Venice”. Grumio, in “Taming of The Shrew”, Agent Fairchild in “Boise, USA”, and The Rogue in “The Sophisticated Rogue”. On camera, he’s the creator, executive producer, and host of Showtime’s: “Lock ‘N Load“; as well as Spike TVs “The Sales King”. He is currently in multiple development of media & stage content. He is a founding member of the 1992 award winning avant-garde theatre, ZJU. Josh coaches actors and salesman privately, and by appointment only. (




Josh T. Ryan serves as the executive producer, creator, story producer, and host of the six part, unscripted, hidden camera series on Showtime “Lock ‘N Load“ as well as the show;  “The Hustler/The Sales King”, for SPIKE TV. He is currently in the process of developing new media and projects.


LA Weekly Theatre Awards, Best Ensemble, Best Direction, The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot, Best Actor, Tale of Chicken Little original devised role of Foxy Woxy, Best Director, for adaptation of Othello, Best Production, The Sneaky Little Muffin Man role of original devised role The Muffin Man, Garland award for Best Actor for his role as The Artist in The Masterpiece, National Irene Ryan Finalist/National Shakespeare Finalist (2yrs) Best Theatre Ensemble @ American College Theatre Festival (2yrs) Agamemnon (Glendale) Green Card (UNLV) International Honor Bar Thespian; Multiple DTASC Awards.

People Say Quotes

It’s as if Sid Vicious suddenly became a Trapist Monk…


A gifted comedic actor, a post modern Red Skelton, who uses gesture and physicality, to convey the core of the character…unsettling and humorous…


Marvelously offbeat...


Josh T. Ryan is enormously appealing and suitably scary as the beleaguered painter with no legitimate way out of his addictions.


…hilarious as an ex-power couple in caustic reunion at their problem child’s boarding school.

 -Los Angeles Times

Josh T. Ryan is priceless as the swaggering Rogue; whether calculating how many 5-year-olds he can beat up or recounting his exploits on the streets of the concrete jungle, he perfectly captures the spirit of bygone literary heroics.


There’s a God in LA. Theater…

 -Eye Spy LA


''Josh T. Ryan''' Actor, Director, Salesman, Performance Artist.

Josh T. Ryan is a critically acclaimed theatre artist in Los Angeles. He is best known for his directing and acting in national  theatre.

Also known as an executive producer, creator, and talent, on ''Showtime's'' unscripted hidden camera reality series ''Lock 'N Load'',

Special Skills

Host; Improvisation; Most Sports; Stage Combat; Firearms; Motorcycles

Theatre Director:

Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Height: 5-8.5  Neck: 16 Shirt: Medium/Large Shoe: 9.5 Waist: 33 Length: 30

Founding member of local avante garde theatre group since 1992 - Freelance director and performer. 

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