Stage Resume

“It’s as if Sid Vicious suddenly became a Trapist Monk…” –Backstage
“A gifted comedic actor, a post modern Red Skelton, who uses gesture and physicality, to convey the core of the character…unsettling and humorous…”-BackStage
“Marvelously offbeat”-LAWeekly
“Josh T. Ryan is enormously appealing and suitably scary as the beleaguered painter with no legitimate way out of his addictions.” -Backstage
“…hilarious as an ex-power couple in caustic reunion at their problem child’s boarding school.” -Los Angeles Times
“Josh T. Ryan is priceless as the swaggering Rogue; whether calculating how many 5-year-olds he can beat up or recounting his exploits on the streets of the concrete jungle, he perfectly captures the spirit of bygone literary heroics.” -Backstage
“There’s a God in LA. Theater…” – Eye Spy LA








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Josh T. Ryan



The Sales King                            Host/Creator/Exec. Prod.                                   SPIKE

Lock N’ Load                                Host/Co-Creator/Co-Exec. Prod.                       SHOWTIME

Days Of Our Lives                        Under 5’s                                                           NBC

General Hospital                           Under 5’s                                                           ABC



Lose With English                         Andy/Supporting                                               Dir. Michael Glover

Karate Film Café                          Jeff/Supporting                                                  Dir. Michael Glover

Mind of Henry Lime                      Detective/Supporting                                         Dir. Michael Glover

Carbuncle                                     Jdog/Supporting                                                Dir. T. Artuhr Cottam

Waiting For A Bus                         Jerry/Supporting                                               NYU Film

You’ve Gotta Leave Your Mark              Supporting                                               Dir. Randy Bond


Theatre: (Partial list)

Sophisticated Rogue                            The Rogue/Supporting                         Dir. Josh T. Ryan

Attack Of The Rotting Corpses            Vic/Supporting                                       Dir. Josh T. Ryan

Somewhere                                          Michael/Lead                                         Dir. Jeanie Drynan

Merchant of Venice                              Gratiano/Supporting                             Dir. Michael Arndt

Taming of The Shrew                           Grumio/Supporting                               Dir. Jan Powell

Death Of A Salesman                           Biff/Supporting                                     Dir. Rozsa Horvath

Alls Well That Ends Well                      Parolles/Supporting                             Dir. Brett Elliot

Boise, USA                                            Will Fairchild/Supporting                     Dir. Arturo Castillo

Attack of The Rotting Corpses               Vic/Supporting                                   Dir. Jana Wimer

A Hat Full Of Rain                                  Mother/Supporting                             Dir. David Blanchard

The Misanthrope                                    Alceste/Lead                                     Dir. Valorie Grear

Scaredycats                                            Tony/Supporting                               Dir. Douglas Clayton

Stage Door                                              Keith Burgess/Supporting                Dir. Valorie Grear

Deep Black Sludge                                  Solo/Lead                                        Dir. ZombieJoe

Intimate Apparel                                       Mr. Marks/Supporting                     Dir. Valorie Grear

King Lear                                                 The Fool/Supporting                       Dir. David Blanchard

The Good Doctor                                      The Writer/Lead                             Dir. Valorie Grear

Tale Of Chicken Little                                Foxy Woxy/Lead                            Dir. Brennan Marquez

Jean Genet’s Deathwatch                         Maurice/Supporting                       Dir. John Falchi

Anton Chekov: Short Stories                      Ensemble                                    Dir. Arturo Castillo

Three Sisters                                             Tuzenbach/Supporting                 Dir. Valorie Grear

Dangerous Liaisons                                   Valmont/Lead                               Dir. Rozsa Horvath

Agamemnon                                              The Herald/Ensemble                   Dir. Valorie Grear

The Diviners                                            C.C. Showers/Supporting               Dir. CJ Foss

Green Card                                                Supporting/Ensemble                  Dir. Valorie Grear

A Christmas Carol                                      Scrooge/Lead                              Dir. Jim Leofler

Orphans                                                     Treat/Supporting                          Dir. CJ Foss

Can You Hear The Cry?   (The Story of El Salvador)                                     West Coast Tour

A Mid Summer Nights Dream                    Starvling/Supporting                    Dir. Robert Scott



Bye Bye Birdie                                    Conrad Birdie/Supporting   (x3)

Grease                                              Kenickie/Eugene/Supporting      (x2)


 Directing: (Partial List, Director for Hire)

The Sophisticated Rogue

Attack Of The Rotting Corpses

Morrison Christmas

Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Winner of Best Revival and Best Ensemble)

Dostoevsky’s Notes From Underground (x2)

Blood Of Macbeth (KCRW Top 10 of LA 2012) (x2)

Christmas for Bukowski (x2)

The Holy Re-Worked Performance of Bendict and Os

Time Travel

Sluts With Guts

Othello (Winner of Best Revival Comedy) (x2)

50 Hour Drive By (Multiple Directing Spots) (x4)

Project Astroglyde


The Crucible

A MidsSummer Night’s Dream


Awards: (Partial list)

Best Actor, Tale Of Chicken Little, Best Director, Othello, Best Production, The Sneaky Little Muffin Man, National Irene Ryan Finalist/National Shakespeare Finalist (2yrs) Best Theatre Ensemble @ American College Theatre Festival (2yrs) Agamemnon (Glendale) Green Card (UNLV) International Honor Bar Thespian; Multiple DTASC Awards.


Special Skills:

Host; Improvisation; Most Sports; Stage Combat; Firearms; Motorcycles

Theatre Director:

Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Height: 5-8.5  Neck: 16 Shirt: Medium/Large Shoe: 9.5 Waist: 33 Length: 30

Founding member of Zombie Joe’s Underground.